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What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle Photography is a type of portrait photography that aims to capture people in their everyday moments in an artistic way. The purpose is to tell the viewer a story through a candid and unposed manner. In a lifestyle family photography session, instead of allowing the photographer to dictate the poses, the family is in their most natural state, enjoying each other's company while the photographer captures the beautiful moments shared by each family member.

Why did I choose Lifestyle Photography?

I chose to specialise on lifestyle photography, because I love the most natural laughs and emotions in my pictures. The candid pictures are the ones that bring back the most memories, and have the family talking (e.g. "remember that time when…" , "I laughed so hard in this picture, because…"). As a customer who has paid for traditional portrait photography and lifestyle photography before, I tend to think I look more stiff in pictures when I am asked to pose. Whereas, when the photographer asks me to do something fun, my smile looks much more natural, and I find the session relaxing and enjoyable.


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